Television Show Review – FX’s Pose

If you haven’t heard of Pose, you obviously haven’t been on Twitter all summer. Ryan Murphy created Pose and it’s a groundbreaking show for many reasons. For one, the story is set in 1988 New York City ballroom scene and follows trans and queer people of color as they navigate their way through life during the height of the HIV/Aids epidemic. The ballroom scene for those who don’t know is a gathering of lgbtq+ people that dress up in all sorts of costumes in hopes of winning a trophy. The people competing are separated by houses which are lgbtq+ people who have been displaced by the people in their lives and have formed families with people in the community. Balls are safe spaces, where these people who are often looked down upon by other members of society, are free to be themselves. Another reason why this show is groundbreaking is that this is the first show that dived deep into the lives of trans women of color played by actresses who are trans women of color. There are also over 150 actors who are trans on the show. The crew and writers are all made up of trans and queer people. The show also made history by having the first trans woman of color direct episode six of the first season. This show is breaking down barriers and will continue to tell empowering and inspiring stories.


Watch Pose on FX.