I’m Alright

These last few weeks have been weird. That’s the best way I can put it, they’ve been weird. We’re living in weird times. And who knows when that will change.

As things begin to open up and people are crowding into places because they want to have brunch, I can’t help but wonder if this is happening because what life was like before is still fresh in our memories.

It was only two months ago when things really began changing in most places around the globe. For some people, going into a crowded restaurant isn’t anxiety-inducing. Up until fairly recently, there hasn’t been an unseen virus lingering around.

Most people who get this virus will survive. However, there should be a compromise to keep those who have to go out or are comfortable with it safe. Social distancing and wearing masks, having people eat outside or removing tables to keep distance between tables.

No one likes this current state of our society. But, if we want to keep infection rates steady to not overload hospitals, we should keep each other and ourselves safe by adapting.

In happier news, the swelling around my eyes has been slowly decreasing and I haven’t had to use artificial tears in over a week. This isn’t the ideal time to be getting better with all of this going around. But, I’m happy things are progressing instead of being stuck in place.

Pinpoint something in yourself you can be proud of. Maybe you went on a walk today or changed your clothes. Whatever it is, if it’s important to you, then it matters.

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