A Truth About Me

MoMA 2018
Five years ago, I began to explore
a truth about me I had buried
all my life. I'm gay.

When I was young, I didn't know
anyone who was gay.
I knew I was different
because I was gay.
And because being different
was weird as a kid,
I convinced myself I liked boys
because it was easier than
being different. 

As a teenager, very few people
were out in my high school.
It wasn't like how it is now.
So I told myself I wasn't gay
and carried on like
I was like everyone else.
But I'm not like everyone else
and that's okay.

Three years ago, I began
coming out to my family and friends.
I was met with love and acceptance
from those who I told.
My mom even said she knew
before I told her.

The LGBTQ+ community is becoming
more accepted,
society is slowly changing.
Though we still have a
long way to go.

For me, pride month is a reminder
that it's okay to be myself.
That I don't have to live up
to anyone else's standards
but my own. And that's a
beautiful thing.

Happy Pride Month!!! 

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