First Month Almost Finished

Two days left of 
the first month
of this new year.
Third year of the 20s, 
ninth year of my 20s.
Seems like too many years 
since the pandemic started
and at least ten extra years 
on to the last decade of my life.
It’s been a very cold and gloomy
start to the year. I’ve heard more 
remarks about cold days than warm ones.
Unusual where I live, we normally see
more fluctuation in temperature this month
Cold and snow, we still have snow from last year
Sheets of ice on the dead grass unable to melt
The sun is out for too little time before 
more snow falls on top of it once more.
Maybe we’ll see blue sky for more 
than a day, Maybe next month 
the iced over snow from 
last year will get 
to melt away.

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