Breaking the Connection

I pass by a window where color is fading from

the sky in the west. I glance at the view but don’t stop.

The shift from day to night happens twice every day.

Somedays I’m more interested in the sunset.

Tonight, I’m not.  My mind has me lost in other things.

Thoughts constantly being questioned and rewritten

a hundred different ways. I’m always working

on something. These mundane moments clutter

my days. I’m more aware of what I do to distract

myself. These distractions can be obsessive.

I’m trying to change my bad habits.

Limiting my time on social media.

Blocking sites for a certain amount of time.

Leaving my phone in another room.

Allowing myself distance to create new thoughts.

Thoughts that don’t revolve around current events.

Where I can create a moment in my head that

I will forget before I can write it down. Letting myself

wander without any restrictions gives me the freedom

to narrate my thoughts without thinking about what’s next.

11 thoughts on “Breaking the Connection

      1. That’s crazy how I immediately recognized that. I thought I was way off and just obsessing. Good to know you’re a fan as well. Thanks for answering.


      2. When I began a blog, I was a superfan. I would listen to her constantly. I was obsessed with her music and everything about her. Over time, the obsession faded and I stopped listening to her every day. I still love her music and she didn’t do anything to make me stop being as into her. It was a very gradual thing.

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      3. Oh okay, well, I’m where you was years ago. I can’t stop listening to her. I barely listen to anyone else. I been listening to Paradise and Honeymoon albums back and forth. She actually been influencing my writing style the last two months.


      4. She influenced my writing style a lot when I first started writing. I was obsessed with Ultraviolence when it came out and I think that was the time I was the most obsessed with her. I think she will always influence my writing style one way or another and that’s why I’ve stuck with Blue Jeans White Shirt as my title for so long.

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      5. Yeah, for you to STILL have that as your blog title speaks volumes. I listened to Ultraviolence and Born To Die so much I had to take a break. My favorite songs at moment is Freak, Art Deco and Music To Watch Boys To. I actually took a line she said “slow dance to rock music” which I misheard as rap music. That line actually inspired me to write a song of my own. Well, I look forward to reading more.

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      6. Well, thank you so much! My favorite songs of hers are Blue Jeans, Diet Mountain Dew, Video Games, Ride, American, Young & Beautiful, Cruel World, Shades of Cool, Money, Power Glory, Terrence Loves You, The Blackest Day, White Mustang, God Bless America – And All The Beautiful Women In It, When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing, and Change.

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      7. There are a few of those I haven’t heard before (due to not letting her albums play through due to obsession over individual songs.) Thanks for the recommendation.

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