Facing the Strange

I face all the scary strange feelings of this moment. I don’t shy away from feeling all my fears, all my joy, all my excitement and anxiety that comes along with stepping into something new and unknown. I breathe through panic and distraction. I am present and focused on the now. I remind myself toContinue reading “Facing the Strange”

Four Boxes

What is kept contains memories I don’t want to ever forget. The innocence of my childhood, the fears of my teenager years, the searching of my twenties, wrapped up in these items I place in boxes. Some I will take with me, most I will leave here. The things I donate or throw away aren’tContinue reading “Four Boxes”

2 AM

silence enters the night I do not speak I listen to a book and work on a puzzle I lose track of time trying to fit pieces together slowly the image begins to form the harder I focus rain falls outside may showers continue I can slightly hear the drops hitting the roof the narratorContinue reading “2 AM”


For my sister and brother-in-law Marriage is the daily commitment You make to each other To navigate this life together. It’s a conscious choice You will continue to make. Your job isn’t to complete the other, It’s to complement each other. You bring your own unique perspectives Into this relationship. You won’t always agree. TheContinue reading “Partners”


May 1st, 2023 Monday The start of a new month. The grass is finally green, the gray skies move away, not a cloud in the sky today. I sit on the couch as I write out this journal entry. I should journal more. I know. I miss it. And yet, I don’t write enough. Why?Continue reading “Journaling”

Thoughts From Sunday

Poems of love Fill my head Lines I write Keep a list On my phone Tired at night Long days work Glass of wine Red of course Calming down from The white lights Hours a day Ready for bed Linger by fire Write this poem Thoughts from Sunday Shared on Monday I promise myself IContinue reading “Thoughts From Sunday”

Healing Under the Sun

I sit on the step and take a moment for the sun. The warmth on my skin brings joy to my soul. I wiggle my toes and stretch my arms. I listen to the conversations being had across the way. The year has been cold and gloomy, this light brings me happiness. I am remindedContinue reading “Healing Under the Sun”

How to be Present

embracing the moment I am in, appreciating the day for what it is, leaving my phone in another room, keeping it out of my reach, breathing through the scary feelings my anxiety reminds me to worry, it takes a lot of work and self- awareness to live in the present, to read a book withoutContinue reading “How to be Present”

Another Another Another

my trauma response is to tense up automatically. I feel the muscles in my back and shoulders freeze and ache as my eyes begin to water uncontrollably. I wrestle with trying to breathe intentionally while getting swept up in the busyness of the day. Another shift in my eyes, another shift in the season, anotherContinue reading “Another Another Another”

Being Intentional

Poetry calms my chaotic mind. My thoughts swirling a mile a minutes filled with worry, stories, anxiety, wishes, fears, dreams, random little things, all make sense when I write. The overwhelm settles, I pick through my thoughts to find my truth. Being intentional instead of auto- pilot rewires the words in my brain to beContinue reading “Being Intentional”