Part Two

Because we are living in uncertain times, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to blog. I don’t know if it will be every day, every other day, or every few days. But, I want to share information and stories with you I think are important, along with some positivity. The blog post I shared yesterday was very well received, which makes me happy.

Over the last week, this change has really begun to settle in. With closures of restaurants and schools, entire countries and cities shutting down, I’ve gone back and forth from feeling alright to feeling panicky. This isn’t something to be taken lightly. That being said, a lot of people doing what it recommended by health officials and staying home. This gives me hope.

For those of you who is choosing to continue to live your normal lives, please reconsider your choice and look at some of the links I provided on my last post. Also, check out this Instagram post by Nikki Reed that provides some powerful thoughts on why social distancing matters right now. She sums it up perfectly, in my opinion. It’s important we all work together by staying away from each other as much as we can.

San Francisco is sheltering in place. New York City’s Mayor is urging New Yorkers’ to prepare to shelter in place. Things are getting serious as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise. Mental health and self-care are always so important but they’re especially important right now. You can read a Therapist’s Guide to Emotional Health in a Pandemic or go down a rabbit hole on Bon Appétit’s Gourmet Makes (FYI – the Reese’s episode is my favorite.).

I’ll end with this important video from the Atlantic. It’s an urgent message from Italians telling Americans and citizens in other countries what they wish they had known ten days ago. If you click on anything from this post, please click on this. And share it with everyone you know and love.

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay home. Go for a walk outside if the weather’s nice. Keep your distance from people. Call your doctor if you’re feeling sick. Drink water. Stay safe. Stay calm. Take care of yourself.

Cases surpass 5,000 in U.S. – NBC News
National Parks Are Finally Taking Coronavirus Seriously – Huffington Post

Articles & Stories
10 Days Later: What Italians Wish They Had Known – The Atlantic
The Diary of a Grand Princess Crew Member as the Coronavirus Spread on the Ship – The New Yorker

Podcast Episodes
It’s like a War – The Daily
Why People Distrust Experts And What We Can Do About It – NPR’s On Point

A Therapist’s Guide to Emotional Health in a Pandemic – The Atlantic
Gourmet Makes – YouTube
Lizzo’s IGTV “Because I Love You” – A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis.

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