As life begins to reopen in some places around the country and across the world, it’s important to be aware. Social distancing is still in place. Staying six feet apart as much as you possibly can is crucial to keeping the spread of this virus down. Wearing a mask when in public spaces. Still remaining home as much as possible.

People are going to have heightened emotions. Some will be anxious, others will be restless. Some will be trying their best to get what they need and get home. Others will rebel and not wear a mask. While it’s their choice, it’s also defeating the purpose if not everyone does it, especially in indoor public space when staying six feet apart maybe a bit harder.

I don’t know what the answer is but to respect other people and what they’re going through during the midst of all this. It’s not an easy time in the world and it’s best to be kind to each other. Awareness that other people may be processing this differently than you are. We handle change differently and this time is certainly no exception.

One of the most important parts to be aware of as things begin reopen is that life isn’t going to back to the way it was. Those times won’t be back for a while, more than likely not until we get a vaccine that’s available to everyone. My advice to you is not to be stupid and put yourself in a position where you or anyone you love could get sick. Don’t let your emotions run wild and do things that you may regret later.

We’re all in this together by continuing to stay apart as much as we possibly can.

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