This Too Shall Pass – Poem & Short Film

I have held on tightly
to little things during this time.
Walking my dog then watching him
roll around in the grass right
before we go inside.
Finding my cats soaking up
the sunshine in the mornings.
Reading when my mind will allow me
to focus on the words written on the page.
Writing my feelings down
so they will stop spiraling around in my head.
Talking about how I'm feeling
with my therapist or a friend.
Meditating each morning
before I get up and begin my day.
Avoiding the news for much of the hours
I am awake.

Who knows when it will be safe to attend
a concert and enjoy live music with a crowd again.
Who knows when we will be able to travel
to our favorite places and be with those we love.
Who knows when we will be able to watch
the sun fall into the ocean or rise
while on a cross country road trip.

All I know is that in this time we are currently in,
there will be okay days and bad days.
There will be days that drag on
and we will wonder if things will ever
appear the same again.
There will be days of uncertainty
and days filled with tears.
That's okay,
it's part of being in a time period
filled with an overwhelming amount of unknowns.
We are all figuring things out as we go along,
it's a process.

We should be patient with each other.
We should respect one another.
We should be kind.
We don't know when things will improve
but we will get through this.
This too shall pass.

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