The Very Unhealthy Air Quality Gave Me A Headache

September 6th, 2020
Masks for COVID
doubles as mask
for very unhealthy air quality.
I go to the gas station
the day before a snow storm.
In summer!
It's supposed to snow
and there are still green leaves on trees.
It's early September
but it's clear climate change doesn't care
What time of year we're in.
Early September!
But whatever.
It still blows my mind
a sixty degree temperature
drop is happening tomorrow.
People are at the pool right now.
On Labor Day.
This year is weird.
Anyway, I get out to pump gas
and the smell of ash
lingers in the air.
It's so uncomfortable,
it's difficult to breathe.
I have my mask on,
The guy pumping gas
next to me has his mask on. 
I'm not the only one who knows
there's more than one benefit
to wearing a mask.
Who knows where
the smoke is coming from.
We got a warning about it
on our phones last night.
Current weather:
Very Unhealthy Air Quality!!
88 degrees.
At least the sunset looked cool.
I get back in my car and go
pick up my medication
at the drive-thru Walgreens.
It's only when I get home
do I realize the very unhealthy air quality
gave me a headache!
Headaches are triggered
very easily for me these days.
I drink a Diet Coke
and swallow two ibuprofen.
11:00 AM on the first Monday
In September.
Smoke is heavy in the air,
a snow storm tomorrow.
What is now?

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