Central Park, Deck 8

Golden Hour. Symphony of the Seas. Royal Caribbean. July 2019.
The one place I can find peace and quiet.
Central Park, Deck 8.
Above me, chaos ensues.
Children screaming, parents yelling.
The beauty of being on a large boat.
I sit under the shade of a cabana
With a Starbucks and a book.
I try to write but I can't think of anything.
Too much noise. My quiet place under
The sun is surrounded by activity.
I may not see it but I hear it clearly.
People around me roam and chat.
I sit in silence, turning to my phone,
The only way to block everything out.
Later in the evening, the chaos settles
And musicians play as people sit and chat.
I look up at the sky, clouds are faint in the distance.
Golden hour on a boat is pretty spectacular.

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