Play in My Head

The sun sets behind the mountains.
Blue clouds linger
before fading into the darkness.
The house across
the street has its lights on.
It doesn’t look real.
It looks like a house on a stage
or on a set of a show.
I see no people in the windows,
maybe that’s why it looks out of place.
I shift my head to one side,
cross my arms
and wait.
Wait for life to pop up
or a light to turn off,
any sign that life exists
inside those walls.
No one comes to wake me
from the play forming in my head,
People dancing through rooms,
and loving.
Never fully understanding each other
living with a little bit of resentment,
a dynamic that plays in my head often.
I snap out of my daydream
and take a photo with my phone,
To remember this sunset,
to remember this peculiar feeling
formed from an offset image.

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