Howls Quietly in the Distance

Summer rolls in, we're still dealing with the problems
we've been facing for most of the year.
A virus appearing uncontrollable
can be lessened if people wear a mask.
You may not want to wear something
over your mouth and nose.
No one's doing it for their own enjoyment.
It's not like this is normal life and face
masks have become the new fall trend.
Everyone's wearing one! It's fashion!!
If you're not wearing one, you're not cool.
No, if you're not wearing a mask
you could be spreading this virus
you do not know your carrying
to those who are more vulnerable, like me.
It's basic human distancy to wear
something over your nose and mouth.
It's called being respectful
to those around you.
I said a few months ago, don't be stupid.
You want to go out, wear a mask.
Stay socially distanced in public.
Meet outside instead of indoors.
It shouldn't be hard to comprehend.
I still hear howling quietly in the distance
in the evening, howling for our healthcare
workers who are still dealing with this virus.
New season, same problems. 
Stay safe.

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