Keep The Peace

I bite my tongue to not make a remark I will regret.
I taste blood without feeling the pain of the pinch.
It will heal, forming a scar on my tongue I will never see.
Keep the peace. Keep the peace. Keep the peace.
It's the only mantra that keeps me sane.
You confuse respect with aggression.
Look, I don't mean to judge you. I am trying hard not to.
I didn't engage in this conversation for a debate.
The things running through my head that I will never say.
I have no choice but to be the bigger person.
To not engage when I really want to.
Because I know this conversation isn't productive.
Two opposing sides rarely see eye to eye.
One person's wisdom is another person's lie.
You're trying to get me to agree with you,
To see that your way of life is superior to mine.
I don't know who told you that when I am doing just fine.
If this wasn't your intention, to let me know
Your thinking is the only way to think,
I am truly sorry. We just live in two different realities.
It's funny, isn't it? How the definition of respect changes
With every person you talk to?
You've shown me my feelings don't matter to you.
The scar on my tongue will break open
When I bite harder to hold back my feelings.

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