Seasons of April

The month begins with beautiful weather.
Sunshine for days and a warm breeze
that's welcoming after the cold months.

A dramatic turn is taken with
the arrival of a winter storm.
Spring receives winter 
storm warnings. 

Snow falls to the earth,
sometimes like rain,
melting as soon as
it hits the warm sidewalk.
Other times,
they're too fast,
falling in rapid 
multiplying in inches
within hours of arriving.

The storm passes
and the beautiful
weather returns
once more.

The grass is growing green,
flowers are slowly blooming.
Vibrant colors welcome
nature back to life after
months of remaining dormant.

The cycle between winter and spring
happens several times throughout
the month, allowing no time to
adjust to either season. All this back
and forth eventually causes me
to ignore the weather app
on my phone until June.

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