Unexpected Stop

I was driving down
a side road,
by pine trees.
For some reason,
this road
reminded me of
girl scout camp
when I was younger.
It must have
been all of
the pine trees
and the way
the sun hit
my eyes
my sunglasses.

I was a mile
down the road,
by pine trees,
when I had to stop.
Four deer were crossing
the road
then jumping
over a low fence
on the other side.

I was amazed at
how they moved,
swiftly without hustle,
elegant but aware.
I was about to move
when a fifth deer
came sprinting across
the road,
trying to keep up
with it's friends.
I laughed. 

No other cars
to be found
on the road
in the middle
of nowhere.
When I got to
the main road
there was a sign
pointing north
and south.
The two directions
I could go.

I chose north
and thought of
the deer
moving in
the same direction
magestically amongst
the pine trees.

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