In my dream, I'm in the bed I'm sleeping in.
I can't move. I try to roll but I can't.
It feels like gravity has pinned me to the mattress.
Lying on my back, head looking turned right,
arms at my side, I hear a sound coming.
It's the sound of chaos, it sounds like a plane
flying overhead. The sound grows louder and louder.
I can't turn my head to see what's going on.
I try to move again, frozen in place.
I feel helpless and terrified.
My breathing speeds up and I try to -
I wake in the same position.
On my back, head turned to the right,
hands at my side.
The loud noise isn't real.
Only a fan and sound of rain from my phone
fill the room.
I move my head to the left.
Nothing there but a sleeping dog.
I sigh then roll over.

It takes me an hour to
fall back asleep.

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