Love Is…

Love is a loud room,
people cheering
over some
stupid game
and you look over
at your person
and everything else
fades away. 
Love is a safe place,
a space where
you don't hide like
you do the
rest of the time. 
Love is
a feeling like no other, 
it's why love
songs are so popular 
and every writer
tries to describe 
their perspective on
the matter. 
Love is 
searching, losing,
finding, keeping.
Love isn't just romance,
love is family, 
love is friends,
love is pets,
love are the ones who we
put up with because
we know at
the end of the day 
we're better be-
cause of them 
than without them.
Love is many 
reasonable reasonings
and crazy thinkings
we cannot explain
with a twist of fate 
that led us
to buy into a holiday 
we used to hate.
True love seems rare, 
but it's there
if you know 
your own worth and
who you choose, 
who you would
rather not lose. 
Needless to say,
love isn't a day, 
filled with candy and 
hearts and flowers, 
it's a feeling you 
feel, the person, 
the people you come back to,
the ones you love, 
each person has their own
definition for how
it changes their space, 
their time, and place. 
Love is a poem too long.
Love is listening to your heart, 
feeling your hand in theirs,
the ones you hug before
your sleep. Love is a quiet night,
feeling how small you are on
earth when looking out at
the stars, at the
overwhelming universe
feeling your love is
a cliche of overused
lines no one has
been able to
fully describe
how you feel.
But it is

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