Beach Day

The sun reflects off the sand and the water, 
Causing reality to brighten passed the point of comfort.

This moment is now blinded by light,
As many people continue on with their time.
How is everyone not impacted by this brightness?
She thinks as she puts her phone back in her bag.

Exchanging her phone for a book
Only creates more frustration,
With the breeze causing the pages the shut.

She decides to take a dip in the ocean,
Hoping it will cool her down.
The cold water causes her to scream
And run within moments of it splashing on her toes.

Sitting back on her chair, she takes a few breaths.
Maybe a nap could make this afternoon better.
She lies down on her towel then shuts her eyes.

Suddenly, she has sand in her eyes
From the kids running by.
She grumbles while pouring water
Into her burning eyes.

She sits in her beach chair wearing a hat and sunglasses
Watching the madness of the beach unfold
As afternoon storm clouds roll in. 

At this moment, she realizes
she forgot to put on sunscreen.

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