Crazy Dreams, Quiet Neighborhoods, & Migraines

Have you’ve been having crazy dreams lately? I noticed I’ve had an increase in nightmares a few nights ago. Weird dreams that bring out my worst fears. Such as being left by someone I’m close or hiding from someone who doesn’t have good intentions. I’ve only woken up once this week and felt shaken by my dreams. Thankfully, I haven’t had trouble sleeping and I was able to get back to sleep rather quickly.

There’s no denying the weirdness of this time. I go on walks every day it’s nice outside. Walking through neighborhoods where everyone is shut inside their homes gives me an eerie feeling. I feel like I’m in a film where everyone left town and I didn’t get the memo. So I’m left wandering through quiet neighborhoods, wondering what the hell happened to everyone.

I’ve been having migraines lately. I’m taking them as a good sign. Before I was diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease and before I had a lot of swelling around my eyes, I had a lot of migraines. I’ve had a couple of migraines since as things with my eyes were shifting. So I’m presuming this sudden increase in migraines is change with the swelling surrounding both of my eyes. Things are happening! It’s certainly not fun but it gives me hope that this disease is doing what it’s supposed to do in order to eventually leave my body.

Stay safe. Drink water. Don’t even consider trying to consume any cleaning products. Wear a mask when you’re outside your home. Take care of yourself.

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