Worst Critic

I've been posting for so long I can no longer tell
if I'm good at what I'm doing.
Hello? Anyone out there?
I write these poems to share.
To share how my life is going,
What I'm thinking and feeling.
When I read some these poems back,
I'm unfamiliar with who wrote them.
I no longer occupy the same space
I did last week, last month, or year.
What year are we in?
It feels like many years this year.
I'm writing this on a Wednesday,
who knows when you will read it.
I've been writing all day,
I didn't know I had a lot to say,
until I began typing on my keyboard
and words appeared on the screen.
This is the magic of writing.
I'm still uncertain I am any good.
Like most writers, I am my own worst critic.

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