August in the City

View from where I wrote this poem. NYC. August 16th, 2019.

I wrote this poem last year on a park bench in Washington Square Park.

I carried an umbrella,
walking down Fifth Avenue,
waiting for the rain to fall.
I held one of Patti Smith’s first
books at the Strand.
I admired Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs
at the Guggenheim.
I told a man from Africa about
Toni Morrison in Central Park.
I was forced to cross the street
due to security in front of
the Flatiron building.
I heard different languages in elevators
and on sidewalks.
I had a conversation about the weather
with a girl from Jersey
who lives in Brooklyn.
I listened to a band play
in Washington Square Park
on a Friday afternoon.
I endured uncomfortable benches
because I wanted to stay outside
for as long as possible.
I tried to be productive
while people watching.
I noted every book I had read
while roaming around the Strand.
I explained to a woman the difference between
the local and express trains going Uptown.

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