Thoughts While On A Lake

Can I stand up on this paddleboard without falling in?
I'm not the most balanced person. But I can maybe try.
Compromise! I'll get up on my knees for a while
To see how I do. Genius idea. What a lovely morning.
Very few people out on the lake. No strong winds
To push me to shore or towards the dam.
Second time paddleboarding, I can do this.
One foot and then the other. It's not too hard..
I'm up! I'm doing it! Oh, there goes my friends.
They look so small from where I'm standing.
Why does this thing go so slow when I stand?
I'm coming! I'll catch up! Hey! Jumping fish!!
So many bubbles in this lake. I wonder what
Kind of fish live in here. Okay, I'm going to go around
These people who I don't know as best I can.
Don't hit the people! Don't hit the people!
What a lovely morning. Thinking something twice
Just makes it true. And I'm coming up to my friends.
Don't hit them. Slow down. How do I slow this...
Well, I hit them. A small bump. It's fine.
Wow, what a trek to get over here.
How long has it been? Half an hour?
It's calm out on the lake. It's great to enjoy
The view and not be on my phone.
The water feels nice on my legs. A little cold,
But it's a refreshing cold. Perfect for summer.
Oh, no! I'm too close to shore! Must paddle back out!
How do I steer this thing? It just wants to go...
I'm sitting backward. How did I not realize this?
There's a clear way of which is front and which is back
And I somehow got the two confused. Good job.
I'm a natural at paddleboarding. 

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