What Cannot Be Controlled

“I’m the vice president of panic, and the president is missing.”

– Paige Lewis

My right eye is filling up with water
As soon as it meets the morning light.
I am afraid to look at today's news.
I wonder which version of events are worth clinging to.
I want to remember this moment like a bad dream
I misremembered, though I am certain
I secured every detail accurately.
Which reality do you choose live in today?
The one where everything is fine? Or a lie?
Birds singing as the President waves to his supporters
As they react like they're seeing The Beatles drive by.
Or the one where uncertainty lingers heavy in the air,
Like waiting on rain you are unsure is coming.
I prefer the one closest to the facts
Often labeled by some as fake news.
Church bells ring at the top of every hour,
No one in the church on a Monday,
The thought has faded whether people enter on a Sunday.
It's against the rules to gather in crowds indoors.
Some people choose ignore the reality we're in.
Partying like rebellious teenagers who
Ignored their mothers' when they said to stay home.
Not wearing a mask like it's a sign of strength
To go against the grain of public health and safety.
This would normally be labeled as denial,
Instead, it's choosing the reality most comfortable for you.
I check Twitter to find yet another person
In the White House has tested positive.
My right eye is now overflowing with water,
A perk of recovering eyes that cry
Without telling me what's the matter.

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