Night Thoughts

July 2020
The moon shines in through my window.
Lighting up a spot on the floor,
Reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.

I wake from my sleep to let my cat in once more.
My room is a safe space from the visiting dogs
who do not understand why the cat doesn't want to play.

He meows as he walks into my room.
I pick him up and place him on my bed.
He curls up on the old striped towel
And quickly falls asleep.

The neighbors across the street
Have a blue light shining by their door.
I have to sleep on my right side 
To not be bothered by it.

While Christmas lights make everything better,
A blue light in the middle of the night isn't it.

I stare at the light on the floor
Before flipping over to face my sleeping cat.
At least someone's content, I think.

The darkness slows down time,
I fall back asleep quicker than I realize.

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