Little Things

Talking to chickens like they are people.
Asking a neighbor to help deal with a bee.
Flinging bees out of a pool,
hoping they're dead.
Sitting on the deck with
a tea and a book.
Cloudy days.
Saturday smoothies.
Marks on my cheeks from face masks.
FaceTiming with friends.
FaceTiming with my cat.
FaceTiming with my mom and dad.
Missing my cat.
Reading books.
Giving up on books.
Realizing rereading some books
takes away the magic I felt when
I read them for the first time.
Falling asleep to the
sound of Netflix or Friends.
Watching film and tv shows
about women writers
who could be gay in the 1800s.
Buying more crystals.
Browsing bookstores,
leaving empty-handed.
Blocking Instagram.
Having an idea.
Writing it down.
Not writing it down.
Watching YouTube instead.
Writing poetry.
Submitting poetry.
Enjoying my own company.
Remembering to drink water.
Remembering to wear sunscreen.
Remembering to reapply sunscreen.
Taking a different highway home.
Driving down roads with palm tress
on both sides never gets old.

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