Mountain Rollercoaster

I don't like rollercoasters.
I don't seek them out,
I don't ride them,
they're not my thing.

So how did I end up riding
a rollercoaster through
the trees at Copper Mountain?

About a month ago, I saw a TikTok.
Things you can do in CO!
Hidden gems as one might say.

I sent it to a friend and wrote,
doesn't this look fun?
Sarcasm doesn't translate over text.

She replied, yeah! we should do that!
My first thought was, no!
Are you crazy?
I would never do that!

But the more I thought about it
and spoke with people about it,
I thought maybe it was something
I could do.

We found a day where neither of us
were working and we looked to make sure
the weather was good.

We went and I had fun!
It's something I wouldn't have done
but I'm glad I did. I proved to myself 
that I'm capable of doing things
I'm afraid of and having a good time.

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