For Mikey

you were a cat who was always involved,
who wasn't afraid of anything.
time took away your fearlessness
but your personality remained
strong as ever until the very end.

you were a cat who demanded
to be heard, you meowed like
an old man who smoked too many
cigarettes, i swear you were
a smoker in a past life.

you were a cat who always came when i called,
who loved being scratched and adored,
you would bat my hand
as I tried to walk away,
telling me to stay.
most of the time i did.

you were a cat who loved a good nap.
whether it was basking in the sun
or cuddling in front of the fire 
with the dog, you soaked up
every second of sleep you got.

i was your person, 
someone you could always count on 
for love and safety.
you were a rare kind of cat,
my best friend for over 15 years,
more than half my life. 

i held you in my arms 
until the very last moment,
you didn't budge or tried to run.
you dug your claws deep into my sweatshirt
you leaned your head against my chest.
i kissed your head and told you i love you,
i will always love you.
i will always love you.
i will always love you, 
mikey, best cat ever.

Update – 4/6/22

Yesterday, my mom got an unexpected voicemail from the vet. They told us we could come pick up Mikey’s paw print. We weren’t expecting to get a paw print and to say it made us cry is an understatement. Grief over a pet that was in my daily life comes in waves. He was and will forever be the best cat ever.


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