Some Good News

John Krasinski launched a YouTube show the other day called Some Good News. I watched the first episode and simultaneously laughed and cried. I’ve been relishing in good content as much as I possibly can. Whether it’s cute animal videos on TikTok (links below) or watching late-night talk show hosts work from home, anything that brings me comfort is good.

My anxiety has been all over the place lately. Worrying for myself, my loved ones, and those I know can be overwhelming at moments. Yesterday, I was feeling a lot of physical anxiety. Today, it’s lessened a bit. It comes in waves. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, which brings me both comfort and sadness. We’re all going through this pandemic together as a global community. It can be scary to face an unknown of this magnitude.

What good news and stories have you been digesting? What has kept you afloat during these trying times? Comment below!

Emotion Wheel

Breathing Gif

Again a Solstice by Jennifer Chang
The Flower at My Window by Lucian B. Watkins
The Conditional by Ada Limón
Dead Stars by Ada Limón
FaceTime by Clint Smith

Funny TikTok Videos
That look at the end.
Dog and cat
Standard convo
dear diary
Special inside look
The purest thing you’ll see today
It happens everyday in Antarctica
Human copying dog

Tiny Desk Concert NPR
Rex Orange County
Harry Styles

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