Christmas Tree ’20
The light looks different
When the sun disappears early
Behind gray winter clouds.
There's a feeling with how
Vivid the earth looks.
It's a particular sight
That makes me think
The day is transitioning
Into night an hour before
The sun is supposed to set.

A bare Christmas tree
Waits to be hauled away.
Christmas decorations are put
Away on the last day of the year.
The lights will shine bright
On the houses outside
When the clock strikes midnight
Before being brought down
In the new year.

The fire resets itself
Shortly after turning on.
The house is quiet as
I write this poem.
I'm the only human home.
The dog is sleeping
In the front room
On the couch in front
Of the Christmas Tree.
One cat is in the basement,
Probably lying on a garbage bag
Filled with decorative bears.
The other cat is in my room,
Sleeping on a striped
Red and white towel.
He's recovering from a
Month filled with dogs
That wanted to play.
He didn't see it
The  same way.

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