Mikey’s Wild Night

Mikey was so obsessed with going outside
that he snuck out into the night
when the door was cracked
and no one was watching. 
Poor little old guy got stuck outside,
pacing back and forth in the newly
fallen snow on the porch.
His meows woke up the sleeping dog upstairs
but the dog didn't act urgent enough to alert
his humans that his friend was outside.
I imagine Mikey befriending mice and
huddling under the porch for warmth,
wondering when someone would notice
he was missing, regretting sneaking out
when no one was watching.
In the morning, he was found and cuddled
profusely by his humans.
Days after his wild night,
he got an eye infection and mopped around,
unlike his usual self, trying to fight off
one of the worst nights he's ever had.

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