What I’ve Been Clicking On – Part 2

  1. Girls5Eva on Peacock is a must-watch comedy show (and this performance they did at The Hollywood Bowl was very good).
  2. A reminder from Elizabeth Bishop.
  3. audio instalment two by Yara Daley-Ward
  4. This beautiful photo by Katrien Vermeire of fireflies in the woods
  5. Taylor Swift’s speech at the Brit Awards
  6. Everyone should strive for this cozy atmosphere
  7. This photo of Phoebe Bridgers lives in my head rent-free.
  8. Emma Chamberlain discussing how she deals with her mental health.
  9. The first two episodes of Kendall Jenner’s four part series with Vogue about anxiety.
  10. The first episode of Glennon Doyle’s podcast We Can Do Hard Things is all about anxiety. I felt less alone while listening to it because I could relate a lot to how Glennon described her anxiety.

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