May 1st, 2023 Monday

The start of a new month. 
The grass is finally green, 
the gray skies move away, 
not a cloud in the sky today. 
I sit on the couch as I write out 
this journal entry. I should journal more. 
I know. I miss it. 
And yet, I don't write enough. 
Hours blend together. 
The routine of day to day life. 
Writing for work. 
Anticipating change. 
Journaling had fallen off 
my routine long ago. 
Empty notebooks sit on my desk.
I go weeks without writing anything for me. 
The last notebook was all over the place 
I stopped writing two thirds of the way through. 
A reflection of my mental state. 
I flip through old notebooks 
and miss this part of myself. 
I miss writing the way I used to. 

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