A Healthy Balance

I’m not used to having my anxiety come from external forces for an extended amount of time, especially at this magnitude. I’ve spent the last week in my head, trying to avoid the news as much as possible. I have gravitated towards good news, positive quotes, and tv shows while locking my feelings in a closet in my mind. Last week, I meditated a lot. This week, I created endless stories in my head on a loop. Silly stories, happy stories, stories where things turn out alright. This is how I used to deal with anxiety before I found meditation. It’s not that I’m in a bad place mentally, I’m just fearful and as a result, I reverted to my old coping tactics while continuing to meditate and go for walks. I’m still trying to find a healthy balance.

I think the news last week became too overwhelming for me. I was keeping up with it, trying to read as many stories as possible. I know it’s worse this week, I look at the numbers once a day with a pit in my stomach. Many states, including where I live, are on a ‘Stay At Home’ order. The news is overwhelmingly terrifying, no matter if you watch the news, read it online, or listen to podcasts. We’re living in an uncertain time where a large number of people are getting sick and some of them are dying in a short amount of time. I see stories online of healthcare workers sharing their stories of being on the front lines and it’s heart-wrenching to read.

I recently started reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and in her book she says, “feel it all.” Whatever you’re feeling at this moment, it’s valid. The times we’re living in are causing stress and fear in a lot of people. When we’re told we can’t continue our daily lives, we can’t go out and be around people, it’s jarring. As a global community, we’ve never experienced something like this in our lifetimes. Whatever you’re doing for self-care is good as long as you’re not locking away your feelings in a closet for too long. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings.

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