Before you press send, check to make sure the information your sharing is accurate. A quick google search will let you know if the information, article, or quote you gravitated towards is correct. You don’t want to be spreading misinformation.

Labeling anxiety and mental health as negative is harmful. Anxiety is a natural response and many people experience it, including myself. It’s not wrong to be worried or feel anxious right now. It’s not wrong to be worried or feel anxious ever. Learning tools to help your mental health can be beneficial. There’s no shame if you have to take medication for your mental health too. There’s no “one size fits all” category when it comes to what works for people. But labeling it as something negative only causes more negative feelings, which doesn’t make things better. Take care of yourself the best you can.

When going outside for a walk, move to the side when passing people. Keep six feet apart as much as possible. Having both people move to the side widens the gap and keeps everyone safe. It’s only common sense not to take up the whole side walk, especially when walking passed people. Form a single file line if you’re walking in a group. Be respectful and practice social etiquette by social distancing.

No one wants schools to close. No one wants people to lose their jobs. No one wants people to stay in their houses. No one wants the economy to be where it is. No one wants to worry about getting sick. No one wants life to change the way it has. But it has to keep us safe. If we want to get through this, which I think is the general consensus, we have to stay home if we can. For those of you who are healthcare workers, grocery store workers, or any other essential workers who have to work outside the house, thank you for all that you do.

Be smart. Stay safe. Drink water. Wear something over your nose and mouth when going out in public. Cough and sneeze into your arm. Wash your hands.

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