Peaks + Valleys

In these times, we're experiencing the peaks and valleys
of life in a condensed period. Emotions are higher
with people being more vulnerable and more fearful
of what could happen. While others are bored out
of their minds and want anything to do, including
breaking the orders that are in place. We are inside
for a reason. And even as things begin to lift, life isn't
going to look the way it did before. It's going to be
different for a while. Right now, it feels like multiple
days in a single day. A week feels like a month
has gone by. In the weeks we've been stuck inside,
it feels as though it's been at least a year, if not more.
But because we're staying indoors and not congregating
in public places, many hospitals, at least where I live,
aren't overwhelmed by patients sick with the virus.
We're flattening the curve by staying home.
Sooner or later, the country will begin to
reopen. It will be a process. I hope people don't
overstep too quickly and cause a bigger mess than there
was to begin with. If we want to get through this,
we all have to be mindful of one another and
work together to stop the spread of this virus.

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