An Ode to Double Vision

Ten months without you
vanishes with your unexpected
return in late July. I liked you better
when you lived in my memories.
You came barging in without warning.
Your presence is most obvious
morning and night. I don't know
what you expect me to say,
I literally cannot see because of you.
I cannot read a book or look at my phone
without an interruption from you
telling me my eyes are changing once again.
Well, the migraines already informed me,
but I guess you're another messenger,
a bonus I never expected to see again.
But when I think about it, it makes sense.
Your appearance in my life once again.
If anything, you're a reminder to be
patient with myself. A sign of hope
that you will one day you leave
and never return. The ten months
I spent without you were wonderful.
It made the year you previously
spent with me seem like nothing in hindsight.

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