36th Street

After a long day of speech therapy
and wandering around the city,
I take a shortcut to return back to my hotel.
36th street.
A random street.
The sun has disappeared behind the clouds.
The street is quiet,
a welcomed change from Park Avenue.
I'm halfway down between
Park and Lexington
when I notice a flag
hanging from one of the homes.
Out of all the streets I could have turned on, I think.
I had been on this street before.
I had taken a photo of this flag through a rainy window.
It was pouring in October.
Mom and I were leaving the city,
as the reminisce of a hurricane was passing through.
We were stressed and soaked
from being caught in the rain
And our flights being delayed.
I took a photo when the car was stopped,
not thinking much of it.
Here I am, almost a year later,
golden hour on an August evening,
walking down the street.
Tired and happy.
Alone and content.
I smile and take a photo of the flag.
Rainy Afternoon. NYC. October 2017
Quiet Evening. NYC. August 2018.

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