Observations During A Blizzard

The dog burrows himself into the snow.
This is his definition of heaven,
loving every second of creating
new paths in the backyard
that will melt by the weekend.

A robin moves from
one unstable branch
to the next,
trying to withstand
the 45 mph winds.

Ice gets blown
on to the window,
creating unique patterns
and making it
impossible to see outside.

A car pulls a snowboarder
down the unplowed street,
the snowboarder hits a bump
in the road and face-plants.

Snow drifts by the fence,
creating a mountain
almost as tall as
the dormant bush
in the backyard.

People on Facebook
ask for a ride
to the airport tomorrow,
people respond with,
"have you looked outside?"
Robin in the wind.
Funky ice pattern on the window.
Stuck to the screen,

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