Spring is Right Around the Corner

Yesterday, I went for a walk.
I wore shorts.
There was a change in the air.
Spring is right around the corner.
Warm weather is here!

I walked for almost an hour.
I took my time appreciating nature 
and the air in my lungs.
Last week, I had hurt the muscles
in-between my ribs while walking
up a dirt hill. 

After a few days of walking slow,
shallow breaths, and
lingering exhaustion,
I feel less on edge.
My lungs are in-tact,
my body is doing what
it's supposed to do.

Spring is a time of hope,
rebirth, and renewal.
I can breathe in warm air
better than I can in cold.
There's space for my body
to heal without the sharpness
of ice cold air
making it difficult
to breathe.

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