my body aches in places I don't usually feel
in trying to adjust for my ankle to heal,
I become aware of the toll my body takes
in the process.

my shins get the brunt of bruising,
trying to sit while working leads to
bumping into shelves and solid structures
finding comfort for my left side causes
a trail of marks on my right side.

my hips hurt from leaning on one side,
making sure the swelling isn't bad is
fills me with worry and panic. I call people
by their wrong names and repeat
myself over and over, my thoughts have succumbed
to the worst case scenario.

I listen to my ankle, I ice, elevate, and take
ibuprofen as needed. It doesn't swell or bruise
like I feared. It slowly heals on the days
I can rest on the couch or in my bed.

in these moments, I am reminded I am not
in control and I still have a lot to learn.

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