Last year at this time, uncertainty lingered heavy.
There were too many unknowns, with people getting sick

and many dying, no one knew what was going on.
Wearing masks was a figment of an idea, nowhere

near mandatory, people were stuck in their homes,
too stressed to pick up their dog's poop on their walks,

losing their jobs or adjusting to working from home,
downloading an application called Zoom.

A year later, people are getting vaccinated.
COVID cases are still high, but there's hope.

Masks have become common place in most places
in the country, adjustments are being made

to allow for a semblency of normalcy
to return, sports have crowds socially

distanced, a word that has allowed
people to move safely in public spaces

for the last year. I got my first shot
on Saturday. Was I anxious? Absolutely.

Was it what I was worried about? Not at all.
It was a seemless process and while I felt

some mild effects aftwards, it wasn't
terrible. It will allow me to move about

life with some reassurance of safety.
I will be careful and still wear a mask.

Last year at this time, I was the 
definition of anxious and panic.

This year, I have hope.
Hope for a brighter future.


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