Both Things Can Be True

For so many years, I lived in fear
of what other people have to say.
I was always afraid of what
could happen if I spoke my truth.

If I shared something, what
would people think?
What would they say?
What would the inevitable
response be?

Recently, I realized it
doesn't matter what other
people think.
If they support me,
they support me and
I appreciate the love.
If they don't, it says
more about them than
it does it about me.

Letting go of the boundary
I had created out of fear
gave me more love and support
than I ever thought was possible.
I learned that telling
my truth isn't as scary
as my anxiety tells me it is.

I can put myself out there,
still have anxiety, and
feel extraordinarily grateful
all that the same time.

I can take down the boundary,
do the thing I'm scared to do
while feeling the fear,
and appreciate the beautiful view.
Both things can be true.

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