It’s like spinning around the room,
unsure of what led you here.
You were fine and now you’re filled
with overwhelming thoughts.
Time and therapy has taught you
to breathe, controlling
the anxious feeling isn’t easy.
Sometimes it’s doable,
sometimes you just have to
wait for it to get bored
and move onto other things.
But right now it’s a thought
that’s clung onto your brain.
You find yourself spinning
in the dark,
cycling through worries,
knowing how you arrived here.
Awareness helps
but it’s often a mystery.
You learn to listen
to the anxious feeling.
The more you listen,
the more you learn
to understand the process.
You see how you got from
point a to point b in a second.
The more you see,
the faster the thought gets bored.
Hold onto the knowledge you gain,
it will be the key to standing still.

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