Deep Breathing

I have found that if I begin my day
in a meditative state,
I'm more likely to have a better day
than if I just get up and go.
I spend about ten minutes or so
breathing in through my nose
and out through my mouth
with a panda eye pillow
over my eyes.
I check in with myself,
how did I sleep?
how am I feeling?
how's my anxiety?
I visualize a mountain,
a lake, or nothing at all.
It depends on my mood
and how active my mind is.
I try to spend the first hour
of my day alone with my thoughts,
leaving my phone on my nightstand.
Somedays I'm more successful than others.
I'm learning not to judge myself.
I'm trying to be compassionate.
To be as stable as a mountain
in the midst of anxiety. 

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