What I’ve Been Clicking On – Part 7

Bonus – A random tweet I sent out somehow got a lot of attention.

Ah, the Internet. Gotta love it.

A Truth About Me

MoMA 2018
Five years ago, I began to explore
a truth about me I had buried
all my life. I'm gay.

When I was young, I didn't know
anyone who was gay.
I knew I was different
because I was gay.
And because being different
was weird as a kid,
I convinced myself I liked boys
because it was easier than
being different. 

As a teenager, very few people
were out in my high school.
It wasn't like how it is now.
So I told myself I wasn't gay
and carried on like
I was like everyone else.
But I'm not like everyone else
and that's okay.

Three years ago, I began
coming out to my family and friends.
I was met with love and acceptance
from those who I told.
My mom even said she knew
before I told her.

The LGBTQ+ community is becoming
more accepted,
society is slowly changing.
Though we still have a
long way to go.

For me, pride month is a reminder
that it's okay to be myself.
That I don't have to live up
to anyone else's standards
but my own. And that's a
beautiful thing.

Happy Pride Month!!! 

Mikey And Me

Sitting in the shade with Mikey
on the back deck.
I'm reading a book,
he's under my legs.
He looks so peaceful
drifting in and out of sleep.
I sip my chai latte
and watch pollen 
float through the air.
One lands on my cat,
another lands on my dress.
I cover my cup to protect my drink.
Mikey wakes when birds chirp
or children scream.
An airplane flies overhead
that I cannot see.

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I love how summer returns you to yourself – Alex Dimitrov

Summer is approaching.
The warm air has returned.
I'm happy taking photos of flowers
and staying outside for hours.
This is when I can breathe
without worrying about
my lungs freezing.
I pay attention
while getting lost
in my thoughts,
it's a balancing act
I can never fully figure out.

What I’ve Been Clicking On – Part 5

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I’m no longer willing to sit in my past
watching everything I did wrong pass by me.
Instead of feeling shame, I'm choosing love.
It's a choice that has to be made often
but it gets easier the more I'm aware of
how I'm talking to myself.

I'm choosing to give myself love by
living in the present.
When I get caught up in an anxious
thought, I respond with forgiveness
instead of judgment.

I sit outside as often
as I can because I feel better.
When I sit outside, I'm present.
I feel the warm air on my skin,
I breathe in the alluring
smells of nearby flowers.
I can sit with a book and
be totally happy.